Compliance Contacts

For general information about Columbia University, please refer to or call (212) 854-1754.

Where should I go with a concern?

The first recommended resource for a clarification on a policy, regulation or law is one’s direct supervisor. If a direct supervisor cannot serve as a resource, below are other suggested resources to assist you.

Resource Description
Your Supervisor The first recommended resource for a clarification on a policy, regulation or law is one’s direct supervisor.
Human Resources
Medical Center:212-305-3819
Human Resources provides guidance and support for staff on policies that govern employment at the University. Faculty and officers of research should refer to the Faculty Handbook or the Office of Faculty Affairs for policies relating to their appointments at the University.
Compliance Hotline
This hotline is a confidential channel for employees to report or seek guidance on possible compliance issues. Callers have the option to report anonymously. The University does not tolerate retaliation against those who report a compliance concern in good faith.
Billing Compliance
The hotline is a confidential 24-hour hotline for Medical Center patients, providers or staff to report billing concerns or related problems to the Office for Billing Compliance.
Office of HIPAA Compliance
The Office of HIPAA Compliance website includes policies, procedures and additional resources for students, faculty and staff about the HIPAA Privacy and Information Security regulations.
Research Compliance and Training
The Office of Research Compliance and Training provides support for Columbia faculty and staff to help ensure compliance with the complex web of regulatory requirements that govern research and to develop programming that promotes understanding of compliance issues.
Office of the General Counsel
The Office of the General Counsel is responsible for providing a full range of legal services to the University, including:labor and employment, business matters, contract review, litigation, environmental, patents, copyright, property acquisitions, student and faculty issues, entity tax, regulatory compliance, among others.
Resource Description
Academic Appointments Division Office of the Provost
The Academic Appointments Division is the division of the Office of the Provost that handles appointments for faculty, officers of research, and student officers. It deals with questions regarding appointments themselves, with the policies governing appointments, and with the processing of appointment paperwork.
Office of Faculty Affairs (CUMC)
Faculty Affairs provides support both for faculty and departmental administrators in administrative processes and policies for officers of instruction and of research (including post-doctoral fellows) and student officers.
University Ombuds
Medical Center:212-304-7026
The Ombuds Office offers a safe place for any member of the Columbia community to discuss and to generate options for resolution of workplace issues, interpersonal conflict, academic concerns, bureaucratic runarounds, and many other problems. Discussions are kept confidential.
Athletics Office of Compliance
The Athletics website serves as an informational resource for all constituents of Columbia University Athletics—including its prospective and current student-athletes, coaches, faculty and staff, alumni, donors, boosters and friends—to ensure the Department and University remain in full compliance with NCAA and Ivy League rules and regulations.
Public Safety
Medical Center:212-305-7979
Any threat against a person, property or the environment should be directed immediately to Public Safety.
Sexual Harassment

Employee and Third-Party Complaints:
Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action: 212-854-5918

Sexual harassment complaints, including sexual assault, against Columbia employees and third parties engaged in University business are processed through the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

Student Complaints:
Student Services for Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct:212-854-1717

Complaints against students for gender-based misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, stalking, and intimate partner violence, are processed through Student Services for Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct. This policy covers students who attend Barnard College, Teachers College, and Columbia University.

University Compliance Network:

University Compliance Network
This website aims to centralize compliance-related information and contacts from across the University. Below is a list of the current University Compliance Network.  We welcome the growth of our compliance community, and if you have any nominations or additional compliance contacts, please contact Stephanie Barber at or Jeff Kestler at

Click here for a list of the current University Compliance Network.


Compliance Hotlines:

Compliance Hotline
This hotline is a confidential channel for employees to report or seek guidance on possible compliance issues.  For additional information, please see the "Hotline" section of this website. or (866) 627-3768

Billing Compliance
This hotline is a confidential compliance 24 hour hotline for physicians and staff who would like to report billing concerns to the Office of Billing Compliance. or (212) 305-7739.